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The Indispensable Calvin And Hobbes

In Calvin And Hobbes on January 6, 2008 at 9:34 am


Calvin, Hobbes, Susie … we all know about these major cast members … but there are also several items that contantly appear in every Calvin and Hobbes book. Find out about the ‘minor’ cast members on this page …

Like any kid in today’s world, the Television rules Calvin’s world. So obsessed is Calvin with the TV that he stays to watch the advertisements. The TV has always been portrayed through the eyes of a parent – that is, nothing worthwhile is ever shown on the ‘idiot box’. That, of course, does not discourage Calvin from worshipping the television or even at times, offering ‘sacrifices’.

Calvin has a long and deep relationship with his bed – not only is it a place where he sleeps, but he always lies on his bed after being sent to his room (which is frequent), and is continually petrified of the monsters lying underneath waiting for him.

It appears that Calvin seldom does anything peaceful (like sleeping) in his bed. Instead it is more a place to plot revenge, sulk, hide from monsters or a place to battle with Hobbes.

Calvin has a hate hate relationship with his food. Not only does he detest the food that his mum prepares, but in his presence, the food takes on a life of its own – much to the distress of his mum and Susie.

There are some constants in Calvin’s life – one of them is his dislike of having a bath. Throughtout the entire series, there is an ongoing battle between Calvin and his mum for him to have a bath – leading to one strip where Calvin had a rather novel approach to bathing.

Mind you, once Calvin gets in a bath, his imagination runs riot again leading to some very funny strips.

A magnificent piece of equipment! I’m thinking that it must have been built by Tonka Toys because there is no other way it could possibly survive the torment metted out by Calvin in his adventures in the woods – not to mention the occasional space journey to Mars.

Finally, there is Calvin’s bicycle. We all have childhood memories of seeing people riding with effortless grace yet when we tried, the bike turned into a savage and untamed beast which was determined to kill and maim us. Well Calvin experiences the same fear of learning to ride. The big difference between our experiences and Calvin’s is that our bikes don’t stalk us through the night!


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